Responsible Internet User

Today, we will let you meet the Internet.
The same Internet which you are using now in your smartphone or a computer.

Hi! We are Iontel, a leading Internet Service Provider company. Our sole motto is to provide the best internet service and experience to our consumers at an affordable price. At Iontel, every communication, thought or any kind of task, revolves around the word called “Internet”.

Internet –

Very often Internet referred to as net, network, data, signal, web. Certainly, it’s a technology which we use for communication, entertainment, education, research, and many more things. For a moment let’s talk about the technology, think about an Aircraft full of passengers flying somewhere in the sky at a height of 30-35,000 feet, a great example of technology, isn’t it?
So, how many people have aircraft at their home?

Anyway, but we all have the internet, and its everywhere – at home, on the street, in the office. The Internet is not just a technology, actually for human life, the Internet is like a life companion. If you have just one thing – The Internet, you don’t need to have giant Aircraft, Hospital, Movie Theater, University and many more giant kind of thing at your home. “The Supreme Court says access to the Internet is a fundamental right”

In today’s era of digitalization, the Internet is like an underlying asset which has enormous potential to add values to our life. We are already aware of the way communication system has evolved in itself, the availability and distribution of online education system is no more a myth. The impact and importance of the Internet on our life and society are very much understood.

Above all are about the Internet and its potential for our life. On the other hand, one more interesting and seriousness towards the Internet is…

“Responsible Usage of the Internet”.


It’s very clear that how important is the Internet for us and in its quite capable of empowering our lives and altogether our society.

Being a “Responsible Internet User” it’s our commitment towards fair usage of the Internet and bringing all those positivities in our life.

Here we have to understand the Usage and Consumption, both are different things. Usage is about a discipline where we guide ourselves about where to invest our time over the Internet for a good positive reason. On the other hand, Consumption is about how much data or the Internet we utilize to bring positive values to our life.

Let us explore the areas where the Internet has completely changed the momentum of the process.


Impact of the Internet on Education –


Usage of Internet in education doesn’t mean only about paid online education programs. The availability of free informative content from across the globe is also equally important in the field of education and knowledge sharing. With the help of the Internet today we have access to the content from various fields of education. We are free to learn new skills and upgrade ourselves.

Impact of the Internet on Profession/Business –


Whenever we get uncomfortable or stuck somewhere in our work, we name it a problem. Those problems remain as problems until and unless we do not name it as a process. Here in the current era of digitalization Internet makes our job much easier in the form of troubleshooting, communication and finding the real path to go through the process and convert those problems into an opportunity.

Impact of the Internet on Entertainment –


Nowadays Entertainment and the Internet both are the complements of each other. Social Media, Online Video Streaming, Online Games are a few of the examples of Online Entertainment subjects.

Impact of the Internet on Shopping –


Somewhere somehow we must have heard a sentence “Global Village” Internet has seriously made things so easy where we can easily meet our aspirations. The online marketplace ecosystem is evolving day on day, and we are the people who are accessing these marketplaces through the Internet. Now we have multiple options to exactly fulfill our shopping need just from an Internet-enabled smartphone or computers.

Impact of the Internet on Jobs and Employment –


Finding and getting a job is much easier, thanks to the Internet. There are many job portals where job aspirants can showcase there eligibility and capabilities and more interesting the aspirants can learn also the things which will help them to become job-ready candidates.
There are endless things where the Internet has remarkable contribution like Banking, Healthcare, Tourism, Lifestyle, Advertising, Safety & Security, Transportation, and many more.

Above all are the positive side of Internet usage, there is some negative side as well, like online fraud, and scam activities.
Being a Smart Internet User, safeguard yourself from the digital scam, and become a Responsible Internet User.